General Information for Interested Families

Annual Registration 

Annual registration will begin during the month of August.  However if you are interested in joining, please contact our Troop Coordinator any time of the year.  We are a new troop excited to grow and expand. 

Interested in registering?  Please contact our Troop Coordinator at or fill out the Family Interest Form here.

Meeting Schedule

Our Troop meetings are held at our charter organization, Oconee Heights Baptist Church, 3 days per month.

Our troop runs from August through May, with an end-of-the-year award ceremony at the end of May.  Optional summer activities & camps are available as well.

Membership Costs  2020/2021

  1. Annual AHG Girl Registration - $26/girl, $60/family cap (for 3+ sisters) 
  2. Annual AHG Program Support Fee - $20/girl, $50 family cap (for 3+ sisters)
  3. Annual Troop Dues - $150/girl annual, or $15/month/girl 
  4. Uniforms & handbooks - Parents must order from
    • Tenderheart/Explorer - $73.99 (includes TH/EX handbook, AHG Official Uniform Polo, vest, neckerchief, neckerchief slide, troop numbers, flag patch, membership pin and badge magic)
    • Pioneer/Patriot - $54.99 (includes PI/PA handbook, AHG Official Uniform Polo, sash, troop numbers, flag patch & membership pin)
    • Girl Handbook - included in start-up packages or $19.99 if purchased separately (for all girls)
    • Class B Uniform T-shirt - $9.99 (for all girls) 
  5. Adult Registration - $26 - annual - for adult volunteer positions

 Volunteers – Troop Ministry Team

  1. Troop Board - Coordinator, Vice Coordinator, Treasurer, Shepherd, and Charter Representative.
  2. Troop Leadership-
    • Unit Leaders and Assistant Unit Leaders - Implement the AHG program at the Unit level while incorporating the interests of the girls and encouraging girl leadership. Uphold AHG’s Health and Safety Standards as to ensure a safe environment for each Troop meeting. Participate in leaders meetings as well as Troop Board planning meetings.
    • Troop Level Leaders - Implement the AHG program at the Troop level in positions such as Health and Safety Lead, Camping Chair, Advancement Chair, Service Projects Chair, and more. 
    • Troop Level Volunteer Teams - One-Time events such as Special Events, Service Projects, etc.

For full description of volunteer roles, please contact our Troop Coordinator at


Do you have to be an Oconee Heights Baptist Church member to join the troop?

AHG is a Christian organization, and while Oconee Heights Baptist Church is our chartering organization, you do not have to be a member of the church to join the troop. We welcome any families who are comfortable participating in activities that include prayer, references to scripture, and acknowledgment of our life in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Leaders (not girls) sign a statement of faith ( ).

Does a parent need to stay at every meeting?

While parent attendance requirements vary based on their daughter’s age, in general, a parent is expected to participate in Troop meetings or stay on campus during the meetings.  In addition, we have a parent participation requirement to ensure that all families are contributing to the functioning of the troop.  We encourage all parents to take an active role in the troop structure.

I have other small children.  Can I bring them with me to the AHG meetings?

Siblings may attend meetings with Mom or Dad provided that they do not disturb the girls or the flow of the meeting.  Activities are planned for AHG members, not their siblings, so you should bring entertainment for your other children.  Children may NOT be left unattended. 

Do you have events on days other than scheduled meeting nights?

Yes, we have optional events such as service opportunities, outdoor events (including camping trips), and other special events.  We are all busy families and recognize that not all members can attend every event, but encourage full participation. 

Do you meet over the summer?

There are no formal troop meetings.  However, we will have social gathering opportunities for the girls to remain connected throughout summer breaks.

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